Academy Academy Description ADEK Rating Curricula Location
Al Ain Academy

Primary & Secondary, Mixed

Very Good With Outstanding Features English National Curriculum Al Ain
Al Bateen Academy

FS2 - Year 3 PYP Primary School, Year 7-13 Secondary School. Mixed

Very Good English National Curriculum,IB Diploma Programme,IB PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME Abu Dhabi
Al Mamoura Academy

Primary Mixed / Secondary Girls Only

Good With Very Good Features English National Curriculum Abu Dhabi
Al Muna Academy

Primary, Mixed

Outstanding English National Curriculum Abu Dhabi
Al Yasmina Academy

Primary & Secondary, Mixed

Outstanding English National Curriculum Abu Dhabi
The Pearl Academy

Primary, Mixed

Outstanding English National Curriculum Abu Dhabi
West Yas Academy

Primary & Secondary, Mixed

Good American Massachusetts State Curriculum Abu Dhabi
Al Forsan Nursery

Nursery Mixed

Not Applicable English National Curriculum Abu Dhabi

At Al Mamoura we aim to create a socially inclusive school where all students are encouraged and supported to be agents of change, have opportunities to be leaders, participate in school activities, and are encouraged to engage in collaborative activities. We recognise that all students deserve the opportunity to participate actively in an engaging school and community environment that recognise and share their gifts.

We foster inclusion, acceptance, respect and human dignity for all students, based on the foundational belief that the school’s purpose is to educate, motivate and activate them..
At Al Mamoura we provide quality opportunities for all students to be full members of the school community.

We also expect and encourage inclusive practices from all students and staff, thus creating an equitable learning environment for all students.  The school climate creates the necessary conditions under which diversity is valued, equity demanded, and every student is a contributing member.

Nested within an inclusive school climate are three broad components of inclusive practices.
Physical inclusion is assured in a setting in which all students have equitable access to all facilities, services and activities.  
Academic inclusion engages a diverse range of students in the teaching-learning process of the general education classroom. Rigorous curriculum standards, research-based instructional strategies and high expectations characterise academic inclusion. Success is measured through high levels of achievement for all students.
Social inclusion ensures that all students have the opportunity for the development of authentic friendships with a broad range of their peers in a variety of settings. Students assume leadership roles to positively change their school and community. 

At Al Mamoura we recognise that some students find aspects of school life or learning difficult, while others may excel in particular areas. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of all of our students, starting with personalised learning opportunities for every student in class. For some students this may mean receiving help from our Inclusion team. Others may be involved in special projects specifically for our gifted students. 

We believe that all students can learn and be successful within a shared school environment. Culturally responsive educational strategies, differentiated instruction and positive behavioural supports are just a few of the practices within Al Mamoura. Inclusive education at Al Mamoura aims to provide equitable access and success for students; teachers and students collaborate to create supportive classrooms, activities and opportunities.